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Graphic design tutorial : Important Features Of Graphic design

Important Features Of Graphic Designing

July 4th, 2017 | In NEWS | By WebSiteAdmin

Graphic design is basically the art and process of combining graphics and texts to communicate a really effective message in web designing, graphics, logos, newsletters, brochures, signs, posters and other types of visual communications.

With the availability of different offline and online tools, these days, it has become really easy to create graphic designs. These days, more and more designers are using different visual tools to jump start their careers in the field of graphic design.

But there are some vital features of graphic design that you need to consider for creating a great design:

  1. Use of images: Painting, drawing and photos that are used in graphics design must be relevant for the target audience and the purpose of the graphic design should be produced. In case you include an element of photography in graphic design, then the quality of images, which is included has a great importance. The images must be crystal clear, pixelisation free and should be blurred edging. Additionally, the images should be original and should represent the message that the total graphic design should relate to the target audience. Besides, in the graphic designs, the colors are also used to convey emotions as these also affect the human mind. So, the colors of the photos need to be complementary to other parts of the design. There are actually different types of color combinations, which a graphic designer can use.
  2. Use of colors: The color of the graphic design works as an important factor in making this useful. Besides, color is also important in terms of how the marketing values the logos and product branding use in the promotional materials. So, while it comes to graphic design, one should not use multiple colors or patterns, which are not compatible at all. So, the used colors need to be compatible with the theme and the colors should correspondence the image that you need to highlight.
  3. Readability: A good graphic design must not challenge the human brain to read but should actually help the audience to understand things easily that is conveyed by the shortest time span while it comes to looking at the produced design. Also ensure that the arrangement of invention and the text font size must be read as this thing can generate more visitors, who are interested in the thing, which is being promoted either event or product or announcement.
  4. Texture: Visual texture is mainly created with some techniques of graphics to draw attention to any element on the webpage or to serve as the background of any web design. Besides, the texture can also be added to the images, types and other important elements.
  5. Size: Size of any element in graphic design works as the indication of importance. A large size mainly indicates the most important details as well as draws the importance of the viewers.
  6. Value: The value mainly refers to how light or dark any area of the graphic design looks like. Therefore, value creates emphasis and contrast.

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