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Illustration Design

Illustration design is all about displaying painting, visual drawing or photography from existing as or other types of art by offering a graphically visual demonstration, which creates to dictate or clarify physical information. Besides, this design is also used to create curves and lines in the graphs by illustration. Other uses of illustration design are for creating cartoon like, stylized logos, images, maps and other kinds of design elements. This in fact is one of the best techniques of expressing various ideas through designs and drawings, color separation, vector art, color conversion etc.

What makes us different:

At Logo Design Services, we create the illustration designs that combine both patience and skills. Here at this company, we have a team of expert designers, who are always ready to deal with hard and complex illustration designs. This makes it possible for us to offer exactly what our clients are searching for.

Illustration design types that we offer:

The illustration designs that we create can be used in poster sessions, PowerPoint presentations, websites and publications. Here we use both traditional and digital tools to present the ideas of our clients. Types of illustrations that we design at Logo Design Services include:

Medical illustrations: These illustrations are helpful for explaining people the techniques and the possible results. Besides, we also illustrate bones, organs and other anatomy parts, which are mostly used in the medical journals, publication and academic texts.

Pamphlets and brochures: Here at this company, we design pamphlets and brochures from the client’s sides, digital files and/or photographs.

Animated illustrations: This includes working with illustrations, graphics, words and photos to show movement over the time. These illustrations are mainly created with various software systems like Flash, After Effects, Photoshop, Elastic Reality and Illustrator and therefore can be viewed on the computer screen or television.