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Brochure Design : Important elements of a good brochure design

March 20th, 2017 | In Uncategorized | By WebSiteAdmin

People often think that in this digital era, having a physical brochure is not anymore important. But this is actually wrong as a professionally designed brochure can work like an important lead nurturing tool. The brochure can be really more effective at the initial contact than other marketing tools as it is immediate. Besides, a good brochure design will also intrigue people to learn about a company and therefore it’s up to them whether they want to visit the website or not.

A professionally designed printed brochure is also necessary for the service based B2B industries. It actually builds credibility by sending important messages regarding the value of the product or service of any business.

So, to connect with the readers or viewers successfully, a good brochure design must have the important design elements. These includes:

  • Right format: This is one of the most important steps to consider while it comes to designing a brochure. It is always better to get creative with the brochure format. Considering this fact, these days, a number of organizations prepare the brochures in the form of posters. These formats are easy to send through mail and can also be hanged somewhere in the room so that these remain visible all the time.
  • Best quality printing: A good design is not just about nicely layout pages, but this also means the end physical product, which people would hold in their hands. Brochure printing often sounds really boring, but this can enhance the design quality seriously in case you are well aware of the printing techniques. Some of the popular techniques of quality printing are:
  1. Varnish: A varnish layer, which adds a really glossy effect.
  2. Die cut: Irregular shapes created by paper cutting to get some unusual effects.
  3. Letterpress: Here the inked parts are pressed into the paper to create a great look and feel.
  • Availability of white space: This advice may sound dull as maintaining a white space is necessary for both graphic design and brochure design. But still it is necessary to keep in mind that maintain some well balanced white space on the brochure is necessary for maintaining the readability and aesthetics.
  • Attention to the details of typography: The majority of the people, who read the brochure may not notice whether the titles are good or the texts are justified, but still you have to pay attention to the details like using thin spaces and ligatures, avoiding windows and orphans and dumb quotes.
  • Wise selection of colors: This is another thing that applies to most of the graphic design products, but selection of the right colors is probably the first thing, which people will notice in a good brochure design. Colors convey a lot more details than the aesthetics. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the colors wisely. But it is really unfortunate that you will not have many choices while it comes to choosing colors for graphic design, still you will have to stick to the corporate identity guidelines of the company with which you are working. Even in case you have total freedom in choosing the colors, you have to be really careful.


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One response to “Brochure Design : Important elements of a good brochure design”

  1. Mark Spannagel says:

    This is really a great post. I am an aspired brochure designer by profession and this blog has helped me a lot in learning about the vital elements of designing a good brochure. This thing has not only helped for me to get a good grasp in this topic, but also helped me to design right brochures for my clients.

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